Who's satisfying you?

'Woman, are you having sex with your masculine or feminine energy turned on?' 

Yesterday I joined in on a beautiful, women only, event called Sex Satisfaction with Mamma Groove her self; Misty Tripoli, who designed the Groove Method. 
And, who has a heart felt ambition, to inspire us women to more satisfaction in life. 

What is satisfaction and why the topic? 
I took three great pointers with me from Misty, or actually several: 

- The only one responsible of my satisfaction, is me. We have a tendency to put the responsibility of our satisfaction onto others. Our boss to ensure that we are happy in our workplace. Our lover's given the responsibility of our sexuel enjoyment. Our spouse the weight of our love satisfaction. 

- We as women have a hard time, being satisfied. We tend to nag about 'not being good enough, or something not being good enough'. 

- But what we have an even harder time with, is allowing ourselves to enjoy and be satisfied. 

Workwise I am so happy and enjoy what I do and find great satisfaction in it. 
It's not always been like that, but now I create the worklife that brings me joy and energy. 
Wuhuuu, one down! 

Sexwise, i am in a transition fase. To be honest.
At the moment the greatest upside is all the men I am NOT having sex with. Might sound weird. But what Misty reminded me, is that the responsibility for my satisfaction, in all aspects of my life, also sex-wise, is my own.
And with that comes a no thank you to a lot of men and a lot of one night stands, how attracting they might be after three glasses of wine.
But its not for me.
I know, that having sex with a stranger, might be fun and exhilarating for my inner explorer (check out Helen Fischers book Why Him, Why her, on the four different types we are and how we are attracted to others), but it will not be satisfying for my soul and for me. 

And especially not satisfying for my feminine energy and heart. 

That I know now. 

Woman, are you having masculine sex? 

For years I've had masculine sex. Focusing on getting from a to b. 
Sex that had a destination. 
Being an orgasm for me, to keep the guys happy and polish of his ego and one for him as well. 

And if I didn't succeed I felt so wrong and very often shameful. 
As if not being a proper woman. 

And oh the times, where a guy have been struggling around to satisfy me, almost in the blind. Because i rarely knew two thing: what satisfied me and how to accept receiving without giving. 

Basically I didn't know how to give myself permission to enjoy the satisfaction. 

So, how do ya'...? 

Give yourself permission? 
The whole satisfaction thing is not a simple thing. But you can start by asking yourself what satisfies you in the small. 
The way you wake up in the morning? Which breakfast satisfies you the most? 
If its banana pancakes and fruit, then prepare this for yourself and allow yourself to take time to enjoy. Smell. Look. Taste the strawberries, the banana, feel the texture on your tongue. 

The way you take a shower? 
For me the most satisfying shower is when I have good time. When I light candles and put some soft music on. When i take time to look at my body, caress it, wash it and have a moment with my self, just giving to me, and no one else. 

Begin in the small and then have a look at all the aspects in your life: where are you not satisfied? 
And in that area of life, what is satisfaction for you? 
For me workwise, freedom, is a great satisfaction for me. 

Wanna do more groove & personal development? 

Then get you ass out there :)
If you live in Denmark, you have following opportunities the following weeks. 

Groovin my life workshop with Misty Tripoli 9th and 10th of september 2017

A 2-day workshop experience for everyone, come as you are, experience GROOVE, powerful talks, meditations, journaling and many more playful activities! (both days need to be attended).
#GROOVINmyLIFE is for everyone who’s interested in diving deeper into GROOVE and its philosophy and personal growth.

I so recommend this workshop. I did it last year and it was so wonderful, to have more time, to go deeper. 
Read more here. 

Become a groove facilitator, education on the 15th and 16th of september 2017

You wanna go deeper? Learn more and maybe pass on the groove to others? 
Then become a facilitator an do the education. 
A wonderful weekend and you get all the help you need to finish and become a great facilitator. 
Read more her. 

I remember Dani Nobrega, one of the master trainers told us, when I did my education; 'Groove will change your life'. 
That was to years ago, more or less, on this date, when I dod the teacher training. 

And wow has it. It wouldn't have missed any of it and the level of satisfaction in my life, is something completely different today. 

Go groove. 
Groove it all out. 
Enjoy life! 

Kisses and sundaylove, 

Kirk Rønler

Pssst... hvis du vil opdateres på de events jeg holder med groove som fundament, eller bare vil være med i klubben, så sign up til nyhedsbrev herunder og så får du faktisk med det samme leveret en aftenmeditation. Kvit og frit (værdi 99,-). 

C ya :)